Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updates :)

Nevaeh's a week and a day old.  Last Night was Just 1 on those nights where mommy and baby couldn't sleep.  Yea you get the picture, it was 1 of "THOSE" nights.  I tried everything, but she wouldn't stop crying.  Nevaeh's daddy is up in New York right now, he'll be back in 13 days.  Yes, lil Nevaeh will be a whole couple weeks old when her daddy gets back.  He wasn't there for her birth, but it's ok-I had my mom and my sister there.  And I don't see it as a huge loss.  True, I have her all to myself for her 1st couple weeks of life, but maybe it's better that way-I mean it's no different then if her daddy was a soldier.  Cause Soldiers sometimes can't there for the birth of their babies, or the first couple months of the child's life and the children suffer no ill effects-Nevaeh will be exactly 3 weeks when her daddy comes home.  Nevaeh keeps me rather busy-right now she's sleeping so I am able to write this.  I am planning on picking out a special outfit for Nevaeh to meet her daddy in.  Ok, she just woke up-I have to go, thanks for reading, stay tuned